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  ELVIE International Corporation - A Global Company

Voted 2 consecutive years in a row (2010 - 2011)
"Fastest Growing Company in America"
We developed food for NASA.
We are a primary sourcing company for the United States Government.
We supply special government orders.
We have additional “Minority Status being – Women Owned Business.”
We are a qualified Sub-Contractor to top “10” USA Government Contractors.
ELVIE is made up of 6-Divisions.
Food & Technologies Is Our #1 Fortier.
We currently are working with TOYOTA TSUSHO on many fronts.
Won top Technology Award in China 2011 – Battery.
Won top Technology Award 3DI-Technology (2011)–Port of Los Angles.
Currently working with Top Level Officials In China.
New Headquarters going in Las Vegas, Nevada – 2013 (January).


Executive Bio's


ELVIE has a combined business experience in excess of 180 years.  ELVIE’s hands on experience and expertise excels over all the competition.  We listen to our clients’, and share constructive award winning options.  Customers are amazed at our willingness to provide working solutions to their problems.  We have the formula to success in each of our endeavors.

ELVIE International Corporation in earlier years did due diligence to see what areas most companies/people would need help with and then applied the constructive solutions that have always worked. We are consistently improving, new solutions and new “Clean Green Technologies™” as they apply to the various industries of endeavors.

ELVIE in the early years took advantage of its ability to pick and choose the right industry professionals within each of our divisions. (See list of professionals). Our credentials and qualified personnel will increase exponentially as demands increases. Our goal is to have the best people implementing the “best of the best” that we have to offer both national and international. As an example, we have been provided the first right of refusal within many industries. We treat our customers like we want to be treated; professionally and respectful at all times.

As ELVIE International Corporation grows, we will implement strategic offices nationally and internationally.  In fact, we currently have over 145 fixed governmental offices globally.  It is very easy for us to do business throughout the world and with ease to implement programs in all countries.

We are planning to have our own staff members in China providing all the products and services that we sell, contract in, joint venture, distribution, and manufacturing with any of our products and or technologies.  We are presently dealing with Toyota on our Battery Technology, EPR Technology, Paint Technology, and Electromagnetic Technology.  Things are progressing very nicely.

Part of the expansion of ELVIE International Corporation also has been in our new “Foods” Division.  Surprising enough it is growing rapidly and we are now in many foreign countries meeting with various future clients and they are over whelming to go forward with us and the product lines that we have showed and discussed with them.  Our expectations have already been exceeded by the number of products, programs, and representing foreign country products and The United States Manufactures.

In closing, we invite you to challenge us, let us prove ourselves and watch us perform. We are up to the task.  We earn it the old-fashion way; roll-up our sleeves, dig in and make it happen.


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