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ELVIE International Corporation’s Internet & Graphic Design department

ELVIE International Corporation’s Internet & Graphic Design department focuses on a meaningful and effective web presence of our products and services in today’s global marketplace. Using current technology we seek to create advancing opportunities for our clients and customers by utilizing the web to make information clear, concise and readily accessible, to meet the demands of today’s economy. Our Graphic Designers create corporate branding and product imagery with the unwavering goal in mind to provide the very best. From each product or service we offer, to every logo and image, the result is a product that perseveres, endures, and invites participation in the progress that ELVIE International Corporation achieves.

EPR Human Clinical Trials Set to Begin in 2013

EPR is critical to save the precious lives currently unrecoverable when CPR fails. EPR-Technologies utilizes the revolutionary emergency resuscitation capabilities developed by the Safar Center for the rapid induction of profound hypothermia (cooling down to 10°C or 50°F) to eliminate the body’s need for oxygen for three-plus (3+) hours during which time evacuation to a medical facility, surgical intervention and repairs, and then rewarming and resuscitation may occur.

The first ever human clinical trial is set to begin in 2013 shortly using trauma victims who do not respond to CPR because of massive bleeding. The clinical trial will begin at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center.

EPR-Technologies continues to pursue its plans to introduce specific, novel, emergency medical procedures and devices that will support the rapid use of profound hypothermia in victims unresponsive to CPR at the point of injury. The first basic EPR procedural patent will soon be awarded by the U.S. Patent Office.

EPR-Technologies have established a strong strategic relationship with ELVIE INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION (Las Vegas, Nevada) for all EPR product sales, marketing and distribution functions using

ELVIE’s International Distribution Medical Network. Additionally, following the EPR human clinical trial and FDA approval of EPR device prototypes, component manufacturing and assembly, to every extent possible, will be implemented and expanded at ELVIE’s manufacturing facilities in the United States, China, Southeast Asia, India, South America and Europe.

Elvie’s Early-Stage Disease Detection Technology

Elvie’s AlertTechServices LLC  (AlertTech) has developed proprietary screening technology that will revolutionize healthcare by allowing physicians to cost-effectively and noninvasively screen for several life threatening and prevalent diseases with a simple breath test.  The technology can be used as a simple alternative to standard invasive blood and urine analysis, endoscopy or expensive imaging techniques such as CT scans.

Benefits over conventional urine, blood or radiography include:

  • Noninvasive Nature
  • Early Stage Disease Detection
  • Real-Time Results
  • Reduced Costs as Compared to Traditional Tests

Early Stage Screening For:

  • Asthma – diagnose, monitor and manage asthma.
  • Bacterial/Viral -  screen to reduce and target antibiotics prescriptions.
  • Cancer Screening (lung, breast, bowel and prostate) – early stage screening system that flags several types of cancer before tumors become visible in x-rays.  Early detection is essential for positive outcomes.
  • Diabetes – diagnose and monitor diabetes as a noninvasive alternative of the currently used blood-based tests.
  • Tuberculosis (TB) – real-time alternative to skin or blood-based tests.
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS) – fast, inexpensive and noninvasive test. MS is the most common neurological disease in young adults.
  • Drug Screening – Breathalyzer type test for drug screening.


ELVIE INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION started a new division within its IT/Graphics department

ELVIE INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION started a new division within its IT/Graphics department in designing new Coffee Shops (In Shanghai, China, & Texas, USA), a new fish market concept being introduced in China by a fish company client, and Coffee Shops within Grocery Chains globally. This department will be overseen by Mr. John Aguero our Senior VP, Karl Batzler our IT Director and Jason Van Hovel our in house web master who leads a team of graphic personnel to do the plans in every category that ELVIE has product lines in. We have already finished some strong designs and are in advance mode now with our customers. Mr. Aguero states that this department alone within 2-years will have over 20-personnel just to push out product designs requested from our customers. There will be more…

ELVIE received confirmation from Chinese Government Official to proceed with ELVIE’s Battery Technology

February 6, 2013
ELVIE received confirmation from Chinese Government Official to proceed with ELVIE’s Battery Technology in producing proto-types for multiple applications.  Our battery technology is the only technology which enhances all other battery technologies and no other two battery technologies are compatible.  Companies of the world are experiencing constant fires with Lithium Ion batteries – we do not have that problem nor do we have to build systems just to cool down the batteries.  Vehicles will travel many more miles with much less time for recharging the batteries. Battery weights and size will be up to 50% smaller.  After our batteries meet the Chinese specifications the next business item will be a long term contract calling for millions of batteries per year.  Our lead acid and lithium Ion battery technologies are the best.  Our Lithium Ion batteries do not cause fires.  The reliability of our battery technology is second to none.  Future announcements will be made as we progress.

Elvie’s Alert Tech Systems


Medical Diagnostics – The technology can detect and identify volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in breath as early biomarkers for disease.  Blood and urine are most commonly used in diagnosis as compared to breath VOCs. In contrast to blood and urine, breath analysis is easy, specific and highly qualitative. Advantages of breath testing include its noninvasive and non-intrusive nature, and that it can be performed repeatedly without limits to amount (unlike blood), timing (unlike urine), or frequency (unlike radiography) and has no age limits (neonates to the elderly). Breath testing has the potential to be inexpensive and portable, lending itself to a wide range of settings, from the hospital to the clinic, the home, and even remote areas and developing countries. Breath testing offers the possibility of providing real-time results in point-of-care or at-home testing, and it increases the potential for personalized medicine.

Estimated yearly US market for asthma testing, monitoring and management is $15 billion, global cancer screening market is $30 billion, global diabetes testing and monitoring is $20 billion and global TB testing is $1 billion, to name a few markets.

Specialized Medical Diagnostics for Controlling Pandemics – The World Health Organization recently (February 16, 2013) urged countries to be vigilant over the spread of a potentially fatal SARS-like virus after several new cases showed up in Britain. The same medical diagnostic technology can be used to contain or limit the spread of diseases such as bird and swine flu, SARS, or bacterial infections. The technology can be used by health authorities around the world to screen passengers entering a country, on mass transportation systems (customs, security checkpoints, ticket counters, etc.) or at hospitals and doctor offices thus limiting the spread including the possibility of pandemics. The real-time test is as simple as blowing into a tube (like a breathalyzer test). No need to collect blood, send to labs for analysis and quarantine while waiting for results.

A high body count is not the only meaningful number attached to a pandemic. The potential cost of a global outbreak of the flu or some other highly contagious disease can devastate the economy. A 2009 study by economists at the Brookings Institution analyzed the direct economic impact of closing schools during a flu pandemic. Since about one-quarter of civilian workers in the United States have a child under 16 and no stay-at-home adult, closing all the nation’s K-12 schools for two weeks would result in between $5.2 billion and $23.6 billion in lost economic activity; a four-week closing would cost up to $47.1 billion dollars — 0.3 percent of GDP. In 2003, studies have estimated, the economic loss due to the SARS outbreak in East Asian of 2% of global GDP or $200 billion.

EPR – Emergency Preservation and Resuscitation


EPR-Technologies is a biomedical spinoff of the Safar Center for Resuscitation Research, University of Pittsburgh, and is committed to the preservation of human life through rapid profound hypothermia by introducing patented products for “Emergency Preservation and Resuscitation” (EPR) to save a life when standard cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) fails. The Company is a Delaware registered corporation formed to commercialize specialized technology for induction of rapid profound hypothermia and delayed resuscitation developed at the Safar Center.

Over the past 10-12 years, the U.S. Army has invested $14.75 million in grants for R&D including funds for the planned early-2013 clinical trial.  The U.S. Army shares no ownership in EPR technology or patents. The emergency medical market base for the sale of EPR products to save victims’ lives following traumatic exsanguination cardiac arrest and sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) unresponsive to defibrillation is approximately 1,600 victims per day (350 trauma and 1250 SCA) in the U.S. alone. Approximately, one victim per minute. For all other industrialized nations, the number of cases of trauma and SCA victims is estimated to be 3.5-4.5 times U.S. numbers.

EPR is critical to save lives currently unrecoverable when CPR fails. EPR-Technologies utilizes the revolutionary emergency resuscitation capabilities developed by the Safar Center over the past two decades to form the basis of the technology and “know-how” for a product line to support novel, advanced, lifesaving, emergency medical procedures. EPR-Technologies is dedicated to the memory and vision of the founder of the Safar Center, Dr. Peter Safar, M.D., to advance emergency medical resuscitation capabilities in order “to save hearts and brains too good to die”. Dr. Safar was a pioneer in resuscitation research, “the father of cardiopulmonary resuscitation” (CPR) (mouth-to-mouth breathing and chest compressions), and a world leader for public access to basic resuscitation procedures. His ongoing Safar Center team and EPR-Technologies continue the dedication and work in the advanced resuscitation procedures of EPR.

EPR-Technologies, Inc. plans to introduce novel, emergency medical procedures that will support the rapid use of profound-to-ultraprofound hypothermia in previously unrecoverable patients inducing a three (3) hour state of tolerance to lack of oxygen for any cause of cardiac arrest, like massive bleeding from auto accidents, gunshot wounds and even massive heart attacks, thereby buying time for lifesaving interventions. ULTIMATELY, EPR WILL BECOME THE NEXT EMERGENCY LIFE-SAVING “STANDARD OF CARE” PROCEDURE FOLLOWING THE FAILURE OF CPR ON ANY VICTIM.


The Company’s products and services fall within the following EPR categories and stages for sequential training, system readiness, and emergency use as listed: (1) EPR Catheter Kits; (2) EPR Cold Energy Flush Solutions; (3)  EPR Refrigerator and Pump Systems for Hospital and Field Use; and (4) EPR Education, Training, and Certification for Physicians and Paramedics/

The initial products contained in the above EPR-Kits, EPR Cold Energy Flush Solutions, EPR Refrigerator and Pump System, and the related techniques and procedures will require FDA 501(k) pre-market notification and approval after successful EPR clinical trials.  EPR products and technology support the rapid use of profound hypothermia in previously unrecoverable patients inducing a 3+ hour tolerance to ischemia for any cause of cardiac arrest, thereby buying time for lifesaving interventions.

During this protected, hypothermic, time period, the patient has no cardiac (no heart beat), no respiratory (no breathing), and no cerebral functions. Profound hypothermia in currently unresuscitable patients followed by delayed resuscitation is our unique brand in the marketplace. EPR is currently the only alternative to death when CPR fails.