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Elvie teams up with largest Liquor & Wine Distributors in mainland China

ELVIE will be entering into contract with one of the largest Liquor and Wine Distributors in Mainland China.  ELVIE carries the best of wines & liquor from around the world.  We are now setting up our distribution network throughout Asia.  ELVIE is experiencing its strongest growth throughout Asian countries for the next 20-years.

Ms. Sandy Stake, CEO, states that, “Even though our #1 market is Asian countries, we will now start penetrating into South America Markets.  Our time and investment into marketing and sales is now paying off thanks to all of our teams efforts.”

More to come…

EPR Human Clinical Trials Set to Begin in 2013

EPR is critical to save the precious lives currently unrecoverable when CPR fails. EPR-Technologies utilizes the revolutionary emergency resuscitation capabilities developed by the Safar Center for the rapid induction of profound hypothermia (cooling down to 10°C or 50°F) to eliminate the body’s need for oxygen for three-plus (3+) hours during which time evacuation to a medical facility, surgical intervention and repairs, and then rewarming and resuscitation may occur.

The first ever human clinical trial is set to begin in 2013 shortly using trauma victims who do not respond to CPR because of massive bleeding. The clinical trial will begin at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center.

EPR-Technologies continues to pursue its plans to introduce specific, novel, emergency medical procedures and devices that will support the rapid use of profound hypothermia in victims unresponsive to CPR at the point of injury. The first basic EPR procedural patent will soon be awarded by the U.S. Patent Office.

EPR-Technologies have established a strong strategic relationship with ELVIE INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION (Las Vegas, Nevada) for all EPR product sales, marketing and distribution functions using

ELVIE’s International Distribution Medical Network. Additionally, following the EPR human clinical trial and FDA approval of EPR device prototypes, component manufacturing and assembly, to every extent possible, will be implemented and expanded at ELVIE’s manufacturing facilities in the United States, China, Southeast Asia, India, South America and Europe.

Asia trip successful for Elvie’s VP Mr. Aquero

ELVIE INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION becomes sole-source for Blue Fine, Yellow Fin, & Skip Jack Tuna for one of the largest fish companies in China.  Mr. Aguero, Executive VP, spent 5-weeks plus in his most recent trip throughout the orient.  Mr. Aguero visited many countries negotiating several deals with key players in each Asian country.

ELVIE will become a major distributor in China and is in the process of setting up a Master Distributor in China. This Master Distributor will cover 5-major provinces within mainland China.  This is a huge step for ELVIE in it’s overall distribution plans for China.

Korea, ELVIE signs up over 40 more US manufactures of food products from USA.  Mr. Aguero, Executive VP, also states that we will now have ELVIE Staff in Korea starting around November of this year.

Hong Kong, A prominent financial company approaches Mr. Aguero with several opportunities for their clients being potential investors in various projects that ELVIE has.  Details are being worked out now that will include several contracts.

Taiwan, ELVIE and a mirror company to General Mills, USA, strike a deal so that ELVIE will sell/market their product lines throughout USA and globally.   This company has the USDA Organic Stamp of approval for their lines of products, a tremendous plus for ELVIE’s accounts globally.

Japan, ELVIE now has over 2,100-accounts to start implementing their various programs into starting in September/October, 2013.  ELVIE will be setting up multiple distributors for various lines of products.

Malaysia, ELVIE meets with two large companies who now have interest in investing into multiple technologies that ELVIE has. We are now viewing several distributors throughout Malaysia as possible distributors for various product lines.

Singapore, ELVIE meets with various companies as potential distributors.  We will now qualify these companies for what type of distributors for what product lines we will be introducing into Singapore.

ELVIE INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION is becoming a house hold name through-out Asian countries.  More to come…