Monthly Archives: October 2013

ELVIE continues to add more and more product lines to fill its customers’ orders

ELVIE continues to add more and more product lines to fill its customers’ orders and to source more and more products for its customer base. Ms. Sandy Stake, CEO, states that we are continuously seeking more and more quality vendors to supply our existing customer orders. Ms. Stake also says that it is harder to find quality food product lines with quality food manufactures. Our ELVIE standards are not the normal when it comes to food product. We set the standard and will never change, it is working. Each month ELVIE continues to expand to more international countries and more and more customers from around the world are calling us because they too want the best in products, service, and supply. Next year, 2014, will be a banner year for ELVIE, we already see more and more orders coming in and they are getting larger each time. We look forward is supplying our customer’s needs with quality products.

Monica Obermann is ELVIE’S new Regional Manager for South America

ELVIE establishes new South America Regional Manager in Cali, Colombia, Ms. Monica Obermann.  Ms. Obermann will oversee all of ELVIE’s activities in South America and will be hiring all personnel in each country.  She speaks 4-languages; English, Spanish, French, and German.  She studied in Switzerland at the Hosta Ecole Hoteliere where she earned her degree and later joined the hotel industry working in the food and beverage departments in German and in Cancun, Mexico.  Monica also has a great background in coffee and desserts and will be leading ELVIE’s Gourmet Coffee Program and Vienna Gourmet Pastries throughout South America accounts both in the food retail stores and food service accounts.

Ms. Obermann has already been sourcing the best agriculture products that South America has to offer and all products will be added to existing ELVIE products and product lines.

Mr. Aguero states, we look forward in working with Monica and quickly expanding into all countries of Sough America with all of our products lines.  We welcome Ms. Obermann to our ELVIE’s WINNING TEAM.

ELVIE International Corporation’s Internet & Graphic Design department

ELVIE International Corporation’s Internet & Graphic Design department focuses on a meaningful and effective web presence of our products and services in today’s global marketplace. Using current technology we seek to create advancing opportunities for our clients and customers by utilizing the web to make information clear, concise and readily accessible, to meet the demands of today’s economy. Our Graphic Designers create corporate branding and product imagery with the unwavering goal in mind to provide the very best. From each product or service we offer, to every logo and image, the result is a product that perseveres, endures, and invites participation in the progress that ELVIE International Corporation achieves.