Monthly Archives: November 2013

ELVIE continues steady growth in business and personnel

Ms. Stake, CEO, states that we continue to grow in business and personnel.  We are proud of our staff and will continue to grow with them and them with us.  All of our staff possesses the passion to be the best in the business and continue to grow within ELVIE and outside of ELVIE in community affairs.  Next year, 2014, ELVIE will be involved in some charities and helping where we can.

Those of you, who have been following our news releases monthly, look for next month’s news…

ELVIE has a new US Regional Manager, Gary Rockabrand

ELVIE has new Regional Manager based out of Detroit, Michigan; his name is Mr. Gary Rockabrand.  Mr. Rockabrand has many years’ experience in the food industry.  His territory is the state of MI and will be expanding into nearby states shortly.  He possesses extensive experience in retail food stores, wholesale food companies, and food service industry.  Gary has won many management and sales awards through his career.  We welcome Mr. Rockabrand as part of our ELVIE WINNING TEAM.

Meet ELVIE’S new Executive Chef

ELVIE creates new position of Executive Chef, Chef Mike Hickey, who has been cooking since he was 16-years old.  Mike’s vast experiences in cooking all types of cuisine brings him to the fore front to lead ELVIE’s expertise in preparing and cooking of many products that ELVIE offers today to his customers globally.  Mike is currently working with the plan of the new kitchen to be in ELVIE’s new headquarters shortly.  Mr. Aguero states that Mike will be active in many areas of Elvie’s new strategic plan to include cooking at top food shows globally, regional cooking shows with clients, and cooking in the top restaurants in China as part of ELVIE’s new strategic marketing program globally.  We welcome Mike and look forward in his new tastings.

ELVIE brings on Investment Banker, Mr. Joseph Cerbone

ELVIE brings on Investment Banker, Mr. Joseph Cerbone.  Mr. Cerbone has over 40+ years’ experience in the financial industry.  He has been in Senior Management positions with several New York Stock Exchange member firms.  His expertise includes investment banking, marketing and syndication of financial products, public and private corporate underwriting.  Mr. Cerbone has conducted seminars nationwide for the Broker Dealer community he is a member of the National Investment Bankers Association (NIBA) and Financial Services Exchange (FXS) and Institute of Director London England.

Mr. Cerbone is Chairman of the Ethics Committee for the National Association of Financial Wholesalers (NAFW), a member of the California Independent Broker Dealers Association (CIBDA), and a founding member of the Southern California Investment Association (SCIA).

Mr. Cerbone was appointed to the US Small Business Administration (SBA) office of the National Ombudsman and served as Vice Chairman of Region IX Small Business Regulatory Fairness Board (SBRFA).

Mr. Cerbone will be working with Ms. Sandy Stake, CEO, and Mr. John Aguero, Executive VP, of ELVIE INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION on the present and future financial goals to propel ELVIE to a public identity in the near future.  Mr. Cerbone brings a wealth of financial tools to help expand ELVIE.