ELVIE Adds New Packaging Division

An additional technology ELVIE INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION brings to all our current and potential customers is PACKAGING.  Food is a primary division of ELVIE INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION, and as such packaging and packaging materials are of primary importance.

  • Packaging protects food and reduces food waste
  • Preserves freshness
  • Maintains aroma
  • Extends shelf life
  • Resists punctures
  • Seals securely
  • Controls respiration
  • Regulates oxygen flow

Today’s consumer wants:

  • Preserved freshness
  • Easy to open
  • Re-closeable
  • Microwavable
  • Portable
  • Easy to handle, pack and store

Some of Elvie’s Forms of Packaging Include:

  • Vacuum
  • Gas-flush
  • Glass
  • Metal containers

Our mission is to provide everyone with a resource center for your packaging needs. Breakthrough packaging for fresh meat is a new vacuum package that maintains the fresh color of beef that consumers prefer in an easy open, freezer-ready package. Elvie International’s new Packaging Division is just one of many examples that started with our customers first.

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