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  EPR-Technologies plans to introduce novel emergency medical products that will support the rapid use of profound-to-ultraprofound hypothermia in previously unrecoverable patients, inducing a state of tolerance to ischemia for any cause of cardiac arrest, thereby buying time for lifesaving interventions

The use of profound-to-ultra profound hypothermia in currently unresuscitable patients followed by delayed resuscitation is referred to as Emergency Preservation and Resuscitation (EPR).

- Safar Center for Resuscitation Research Information


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  Crane Vision - Defense & Security - Oil & Gas - Surgical

3-D ImageTek specializes in the design, manufacture, and sales of stereoscopic 3-D video camera and display products designed to display true stereoscopic 3D video in real-time. 3-D ImageTek would like to develop a fully integrated 3D video camera and display system using 3DIs 3-D Video Encoder technologies modified and designed specifically to assist LA Port Operations by visually assisting the Port crane operators to load/unload their cargo faster and with fewer accidents ... while potentially reducing workman's comp claims due to eye and back strain. Integrating 3DIs IR camera option could also improve efficiency during foggy conditions.


Advanced Battery Technology

A patented battery structure design that can revolutionize battery design and manufacture. This cellular structure can be applied to a number of battery chemistries from maintenance free lead acid to lithium chemistries. Due to the additional surface area offered by the cellular structure higher power density can be achieved while using less of the active metal of a battery chemistry. This results in reduction in battery module weight, physical size and cost. In addition, the modules are eco-friendly when recycled due to the fact that there is less active metal to process yielding less by-products with environmental concerns.

Using batteries manufactured with the cellular structure allows advanced technology vehicles to weigh less, have more integrated energy and operate more efficiently. Operationally, the cellular structure of the modules allows higher rate of charge and discharge, produces less heat that has to be removed from the battery packs and adds life (cycles) to the energy storage system reducing long term operational cost due to longer life of the battery packs.

ELVIEinternational corporation seeks to be the premier designer and manufacturer of advanced technology electric and hybrid-electric propulsion systems and the medium to heavy duty buses and other vehicles designed to accommodate them.

Vehicles using EIC proprietary advanced technology systems will show a significant increase in fuel efficiency and a greatly reduced level of environmentally harmful emissions.



Re-Chargeable Spray On Battery Paint

  Conventional lithium-ion batteries wrap active layers into a canister or other portable container. But researchers have found a way to paint those layers onto any surface, which opens up the possibility of turning those surfaces into storage devices. - Courtesy of Neelam Singh/Rice University


Electromagnetic Pipe Joining
  • A relatively noiseless, rapid, economical and flameless system for joining pipes in a field environment.
  • A pipe joining method that does not require precision machining of the work pieces.
  • A systemized group of equipment that permits rapid application of the pipe joining system at almost any location.
  • A pipe joining method that precludes leaks or undue pressure drops.
  • A system for producing pipe joints that can introduce almost zero frictional discontinuity for the fluids solids or gases being conveyed in the pipe.



  AlertTechSystems, LLC (AlertTech) has developed proprietary screening technology to detect and identify biomarkers in breath for disease detection using patented positron technology. Noninvasive detection of diseases and monitoring therapy by breath analysis represents a real-time, safe, economic and simple alternative to standard invasive tests including blood and urine analysis, endoscopy or expensive imaging techniques such as CT scans.

The Positron Air Monitor (PAM) will revolutionize healthcare by allowing physicians to cost
effectively and noninvasively screen for several life threatening and prevalent diseases.

Benefits over conventional urine, blood or radiography include:
Noninvasive Nature
Early Stage Disease Detection
Real-Time Results
Reduced Cost as Compared to Traditional Tests

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