Elvie International Corporation to open large distribution center in Shanghai, China in 2014

ELVIE INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION will be opening a large Warehouse/Distribution Center 2014, in mainland China.  Elvie’s Executive VP, Mr. John Aguero, announces this breaking news as a welcome surprise to the whole food industry in China with the following:

“This distribution center will initially carry up to 75,000 food items and will expand up to 200,000 food items within three years from opening date of new center. Elvie will also have its own fleet of diesel delivery trucks making daily deliveries to Food Service and Retail accounts throughout China.”

Mr. Aguero also states that Elvie International’s new distribution center in China, will have a large cold and frozen food products storage ready for delivery.

Elvie is having large successes in the coffee category with our own on-site coffee roaster (within retail stores).  Additionally, our pastries have also proven to be a big hit among the Asian people, and Elvie will be separating initially 40,000 sq. ft. for their bakery unit.  Mr. Aguero states that this all started to take place last December on his trip to Shanghai, China.  Elvie’s business model was accepted in whole by large local investment fund in Shanghai, China, on May 11, 2013.

Everybody is more than anxious to meet the grand opening date of the Distribution Center.  Mr. Aguero has already started to fill key positions within the Distribution Center.

Elvie’s CEO, Ms. Stake, states that, “As a company, we are pleased to have such talent amongst our staff members like Mr. Aguero, Don Plote, Karl Batzler, Jason Van Hovel, Louis De Leon, and Bryan Sorensen, to name a few.”

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